Sales force is the platform of choice for Lucid to roll-out most of our products - a platform that is globally accepted for its versatility and robustness. Our products portfolio ranges from generic business and operations resources to special made-to-order applications that require data intelligence and complex integration's. From simple appex change designs to out-of-the box products that undergo heavy customization to accommodate client specifications - you name it, we have it. X-Author apps with our solutions delivered significant results for customers in all industries. Check out our list of apps to supercharge your business.

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Lucid Meetup Group meets every first Friday of the month 7PM-8PM. The leading lights of the industry come together with bright young minds on the knowledge sharing platform that is Lucid`s Community Meet. Lucid believes that an open exchange of ideas is the best way to add innovation to technology.

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Lucid recognizes the value of your innovative thinking. When it comes to cloud computing, products and solutions can be created for any purpose and customized to suit any need - driven by the power of ideas. Through the involvement of people like you, Lucid aims to shape such products and solutions, as will be part of the indispensable set of tools required for the next level of development. Your contribution earns you a host of benefits, including recognition for your work and an added advantage to your career. Find out more on how to collaborate with Lucid.

Lucid focuses on cloud based Salesforce Solutions, Product Development , Implementations and related IT Services.




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